Dinny Goonan, Proserpina Sparkling

Proserpina is an acient Roman goddess whose story is the basis of the myth of springtime. According to the myth, Proserpina was abducted and married to Pluto, ruler of the underworld. Every spring, Proserpina is called back to the earth by her mother Ceres, and crops blossom and flourish.

Recently, our client Dinny Goonan Wines, asked us to create a new label for their sparkling riesling, called “Proserpina”. The new label needed to fit in with their existing generic range, which Design Energy also created, (see here) whist conveying a feminine, springtime feel.

With limited time and budget restraints, we came up with a concept featuring watercolour florals positioned behind the existing Dinny Goonan vine motif. Printed on a matt stock, the vine and “Proserpina” are highlighted using a spot vanish. A printed ribbon placed over the crown cap seal then adds a final decorative touch.