De Bortoli Yarra Valley Estate Grown Campaign

The Yarra Valley Estate Grown wines from De Bortoli are premium Yarra Valley quality – calm, elegant, considered and delicious. So, how do you express this in a creative campaign?
We explored the use of different media and were drawn to the art of collage to create a real sense of hand-made quality and challenge people’s expectations about the De Bortoli brand. At the same time we wanted to create something really beautiful that would become a talking point to increase brand recognition, spark up social media and connect with the wine savvy consumer and broader market alike.
After some searching we found Rebecca Jones’ beautiful work – magically evoking moments with her clever use of colour, composition and texture. Right on brief, she beautifully expressed the autumnal light and a sense of calmness, to recreate this little eastern nook on De Bortoli’s Yarra Valley Estate. Together with our copy writing, the result is a successful campaign that is everything we set out to achieve.
“Tucked away on an Eastern slope, the vines soak up the morning sun. Quiet, calm and elegant. Our Yarra Valley. Our wines.”